Studio diip takes next step as part of Pegamento

Zeist – By merging Studio diip and Pegamento, a world of possibilities to innovate customer contact will arise. The team of Studio diip will immediately add 10 years of experience in the field of image recognition to the R&D team of Pegamento. With the acquisition of Studio diip, Pegamento will expand her existing Artificial Intelligence portfolio with image and video recognition. The smart software robots of Pegamento can now also process 2D and 3D images, besides language and speech.

Guust Hilte and Thomas de Wolf about the merger: “The past few years we have developed Studio diip towards being the expert in custom made image recognition. We’ve been expanding our technical skills in 2D and 3D image recognition, camera knowledge, software development and Artificial Intelligence. Now, it was time for the next step for our company to be able to operate on a bigger scale. With Pegamento we see a match in the same way of thinking and being open for new possibilities. Above all, we are a good match on the technical field and with the commercial experience of Pegamento we can focus more on working on even more exciting and relevant technical projects.” 

“With the addition of the knowledge from Studio diip, we can fully equip our customer solutions with the intelligence of speech, hearing, reading and seeing. The most important skills used in customer contact.”, according to Serge Poppes CEO Pegamento. ‘We already interpreted written and spoken language for years, but now we can also detect and act on images and videos in real time. This is not only valuable in the customer contact, but also in the industry, safety and smart cities. 

Bundling forces is a direct win for both parties. Studio diip can profit from Pegamento’s commercial and business development qualities and Pegamento can, in their turn bring the customer experience processes up to a next level.

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As part of this new step we’ve also moved to the offices of Pegamento in Zeist! You’re welcome to come by and take a look at our new location.

Our new address:

Arnhemse Bovenweg 160
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Front side of Pegamentobuilding