Sketch & Cut – Your drawing automatically cut by laser!

Draw a shape on any material, put the drawing in Sketch&Cut and a laser will automatically cut your object for you. Sketch&Cut is the latest development in laser cutting, but it is so simple to use that anyone that is able to make a drawing can use it.


By combining laser cutting technology with computer vision Studio diip has developed a stand-alone, easy to use laser cutting machine that can be used by everyone with a pencil. Classic laser cutting devices use technical, computer generated 2D drawings created in software like CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator. To use the Sketch&Cut laser cutter no technical skills are needed; just draw by hand what you want to cut or engrave and it will be done exactly like you drew it. You don’t even need a computer!

 is useful for a lot of different disciplines but it is especially suitable for creating models, prototypes, jewelry, stencils, personalized packaging, signs and engraving. Sketch&Cut is fit for home use, for artisans, hobbyists and artists, but it can also be used for business and educational use.

In 2013 we came up with the idea of combining our core expertise, computer vision, with one of their passions, the maker industry. We started testing the idea of a hand drawing laser cutter by buying a laser cutting machine and attaching a webcam to it. After experimenting with this setup for a while it became clear that we were able to write software that made it possible to recognize hand drawings. We then proceeded to translate these drawings into controlling a laser cutting machine and the first prototype was created.

How it works
In the current system the camera takes a picture of the material in the cutting area. This snapshot is used to detect the lines with computer vision technology. With a touchscreen you can then indicate what parts need to be cut and what needs to be engraved and just press the start button. The machine will then decide the best way to cut your drawing.


After a year of fine-tuning the concept and developing several prototypes we are preparing to take the leap to a Kickstarter project in the near future. We are hoping for your support in this campaign, so be sure to check our site regularly for updates!



Cutting edge computer vision

Recently Studio diip started a project that will be, like many developments here, a combination of product development and computer vision. The goal of the project is to develop a new product that enables a more intuitive way to use laser cutting machines. This project is a joint effort where Leon van Noord will handle the technical aspects of the development and Sandra Sastre Pérez will work on the product design.

Leon is doing his internship as part of the Computer Science program for the Hogeschool Utrecht. Although he started doing his internship just recently, Leon is not new to the area of computer vision. Next to some courses in his education Leon has already been part of the Studio diip team for some months working on complex computer vision projects.

Sandra is working on this project as part of the Leonardo Da Vinci program from the Balearic Islands. Having finished an education as a product designer and with experience in graphic design she will be more than able to work on the product design part of the assignment.

We’ll have more news about the latest developments when the project is starting to show some physical results. Some results of the laser cutter have already found their way into a select number of (physical) mail boxes in the form of special christmas cards.

The laser cutter