BCR at World Bridge Championships

The World Bridge Championships in Veldhoven have already started last week with the opening ceremony on Saturday the 22nd. As all Bridge Card Reader systems are working there is now time to report the proceedings in this post. By now we have broadcasted 144 matches, a total of 4608 boards and detected 121.543 playing cards. Overall the systems are running well and by now almost all players have gotten used to the system. Except for missing some biddings due to the enormous spotlights above every table the detection works as expected. Today will be the last day of broadcasting as the quarter finals are currently underway (the Netherlands are doing well against Iceland) The remainder of the matches is held in special rooms and will be broadcasted the traditional way. Tomorrow Studio diip will pack all of the BCR’s again because the next destination is Beijing, China for the World Mind Games. More news about BCR on the World Bridge Championships can be found in the article on the dutch computerIdee website. Some pictures can be found below for an impression of the tournament.

Bridge Plaza  Player Thinking  The empty playing room  Indonesian player with BCR


Media Attention for BCR

The test session in Opatija Croatia, generated quite some media attention for BCR and Studio diip. Below is an overview of some of the articles about the Bridge Card Reader system. The article on BridgeTopics.com clearly explains BCR to its readers, how it works and for example why a dummy plate is necessary: “The reason for this dummy mat is clear: while the cards from the other players are shown one by one, dummy’s cards are all on view at the same time and the software needs to be able to distinguish which one is played”.

The website of the Nederlandse Bridge Bond shows nice pictures of the finals of the Youth Congress in Opatija, including BCR detecting and identified cards.

– At BridgeTopics.com

– At the dutch Nederlandse Bridge Bond website

– At the famous FunBridge.com website

– At Confederation Sud Bridge website

– At the Sport Knowhow XL website

Studio diip interviewed by Pytch

Recently Studio diip was interviewed for the Pytch website to create a video. Pytch is a platform that aims to connect the creative industry with other entrepeneurs that are in need of these creative services.


Studio diip in the High Tech Campus E-magine newsletter

Studio diip has been interviewed by Michiel de Boer for an article in the High Tech Campus E-magine newsletter. The main topic of the article is that the High Tech Campus is an ideal location for startups, like Studio diip.

The complete newsletter can be viewed here

The part about Studio diip can be read below:

Studio DIIP
Studio DIIP has been founded by two alumni of the TU/e Industrial Design. The name Thomas de Wolf and Guust Hilte gave their company is an abbreviation of Designing Intelligent Imaging Products, which are intelligent systems for image recognition. The duo decided to start a company when an investor asked them to develop a system for the bridge world. The first product, on which Studio DIIP is presently working, reads cards in real time, keeps track of the course of the game and enables information sharing via the Internet. Up to now bridge tournaments hired ‘minutes-secretaries’ for this job. Thomas: “We got this opportunity in which basically everything fits. We have an investor, a network in the bridge world, and a customer, the World Bridge Federation. The system, the Bridge Card Reader, must be finished by October when the Bridge World Championships will be held in Veldhoven. We have already presented a few demos and people are excited.” Guust: “We see a good future in image recognition products. Up to now it has been used primarily in entertainment products – like Xbox and Wii – and high-tech industrial solutions. There is a whole market in-between for which interesting products can be developed.”