First Impression of new Bridge Card Reader

Work is well under way for the improved version of the Bridge Card Reader. As mentioned earlier this version is faster and more accurate but there are more advantages of using a different programming language. The camera is able to see the whole playing field, the system detects cards lying on top of eachother and it now detects cards real-time. Video material will follow later when the card suit can be identified.


Bridge Card Reader Presented for World Bridge Federation

Yesterday studio diip presented the first prototype of the Bridge Card Reader (BCR) to the president, treasurer and dutch representative of the World Bridge Federation. The meeting was a good start of what will hopefully be a succesfull cooperation. Next step is designing an optimal playing field together with bridge professionals and programming a system with more speed and accuracy.



New Interface Connection

To test the communication between the Bridge Card Reader and to show the capabilities of it we created an program that can receive played cards and show them in a VUgraph like interface.


Testing BCR at MK semi-finals

On sunday the 12th of december studio diip will test the Bridge Card Reader (BCR) at the semi-finals of the Dutch Meesterklasse (MK). To make it clear to bridge players where to place their cards a new table surface has been designed that can be seen below.