First BCR web broadcast

Today Studio diip tested the possibility to broadcast game information over the internet for the first time. We developed the software and agreed on the necessary protocols together with Bridge Systems B.V. We are now able to directly broadcast the bidding procedure and card’s played via the Bridgemate system to the Bridge Big website.

It was a unique moment where three different systems were combined together into one real time card detection and broadcasting system.

BCR tested at White House International Tournament

Last thursday Studio diip was able to test the performance of the Bridge Card Reader at the White House International Team Tournament. A lot of progress has been made since the last testing possibility and the test confirmed our expectations about the current status of the system. We will continue to improve the system and we plan to do this partly by relying more on bridge logic. See the pictures below for an impression of the White House Tournament.

White House, Amsterdam

BCR tested at table 4

BCR demonstrated at World Championship location

Today Studio diip presented the latest version of the Bridge Card Reader for the World Bridge Federation (WBF) and the Dutch Bridge Association (NBB) at the Koningshof in Veldhoven. The Koningshof will be the location for the world championships of bridge in October this year. The demonstration was witnessed by a large delegation of the WBF and this resulted in a lot of useful feedback and remarks about how to further improve the system. Studio diip will continue the development of BCR by including bridge logic to improve the detection and develop the wireless communication through the BridgeMate system.

Bridge Card Reader version 0.2

This video presents the alpha version of the Bridge Card Reader. As mentioned in the previous post this version is programmed in a different language which results in numerous advantages as can be seen in the movie.

The cards are identified in letters and numbers: A S for instance means Ace of Spades.