BCR Camera Exterior Arrived

Last wednesday the camera mounting exteriors arrived at Studio diip. The camera exteriors were designed by studio toer to fit exactly on the official World Bridge Federation bridge tables. The exteriors make sure that the cameras are always positioned in the same way and that they remain stable above the table surface. The exterior is one of the last steps towards a complete system for the World Bridge Championships in Veldhoven.

New Bridge Card Reader Explanation movie

In the last few weeks Stefan Zwegers (stefan.zwegers.net) has been working on a presentation and explanation movie for Bridge Card Reader. Here you can see the final result which will be shown to bridge players at the 2011 World Bridge Championships in Veldhoven.

First parts of new BCR systems arrived



This is what it looks like after unpacking 24 webcams.

Media Attention for BCR

The test session in Opatija Croatia, generated quite some media attention for BCR and Studio diip. Below is an overview of some of the articles about the Bridge Card Reader system. The article on BridgeTopics.com clearly explains BCR to its readers, how it works and for example why a dummy plate is necessary: “The reason for this dummy mat is clear: while the cards from the other players are shown one by one, dummy’s cards are all on view at the same time and the software needs to be able to distinguish which one is played”.

The website of the Nederlandse Bridge Bond shows nice pictures of the finals of the Youth Congress in Opatija, including BCR detecting and identified cards.

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