Bridge Card Reader tested in Opatija

Last week it was time for another test of the Bridge Card Reader. This time the location was Opatija, Croatia for the 12th European Champion’s Cup. At the tournament only 2 tables were tested to see how the Bridge Card Reader performed after changing the infrastructure of the different software components. As always a new location and changes in software resulted in some start up issues for the first rounds of play but after that the system was operating normally.

The next steps for improving the Bridge Card Reader are mainly in making sure that the flow of play information reaches the online databases and broadcasters in case of network problems. Additionally we are going to improve the steps that players have to take to enter their results.

The next events on the Bridge Card Reader agenda are to be present at the National Bridge Organisation conference in Berlin to detail future developments. Hopefully we will also be offering support for tournament directors at the European Team Championships in June, again in Opatija, Croatia.

Bridge Card Reader in Croatia

Bridge Card Reader used in Beijing

Between the 13th and the 19th of december the Bridge Card Reader was used to broadcast bridge matches at the Sport Accord World Mind Games in Beijing. Twelve systems were present to cover both the open and the women events. This was the first time that the Bridge Card Reader was also able to broadcast a pairs and individuals type of event, next to the teams events that were already possible. A number of improvements were made during the tournament and the innovations that were developed beforehand were thoroughly tested. An important step was made to make it easier for players to enter their results to ensure real time broadcasting. We will continue to improve the usability of the system next to the recognition rate of playing and bidding cards for the next tournament.

BCR at World Mind Games 2012 in Beijing

In December this year the 2nd SportAccord World Mind Games will be held in Beijing, China. Just like last year, the Bridge Card Reader will be present on all tables during this tournament. Naturally we are now working on improving the system even further. New developments will make it easier for players to control the Bridgemate, there should be no more revokes and the broadcasting will also be much more stable. Follow @BCRLive on twitter for more specific information about the development of the Bridge Card Reader.

Broadcasting Bridge Matches from Lille

After being present at the 2nd World Mind Sports Games in Lille for almost 2 weeks now we have made a lot of progress. Our in-house developed broadcasting website is now a steady, fully working system where bridge fans can watch the matches that are covered by the Bridge Card Reader systems.

By now we have broadcasted over 200.000 bidding and card play records succesfully and had almost the same amount of visitors on our website.
Over at bridgetopics they made a short movie that explains the use of the Bridge Card Reader for Tournament Directors.

Picture by Elisabeth van Ettinger, NieuwInBridge