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Magic book: Digital storytelling goes physical

Our latest project: The magic book is an interactive installation that enables you to read a digital book without losing the qualities that a normal physical book has. A camera with computer vision software detects the book’s position and a projector shows the appropriate animation to tell a digital story. In this way every blank […]

Fish on Wheels on Kickstarter today!

Today the crowdfunding website Kickstarter.com has opened its doors to projects from the Netherlands. Because of the world wide success of our Fish on Wheels video we wanted to develop the fish car from the movie into a real product. Kickstarter projects are especially suitable for these kinds of innovative projects so we decided to […]

Augmented Reality Blackjack

At Studio diip, we developed a real-time Blackjack scoring assistant that shows your current score next to your cards. By recognizing playing cards on a table with a top down camera, this system can determine the score for each player and project this around cards. A demonstration of the system can bee seen in the […]

Fish On Wheels on TV

Last Thursday Fish On Wheels was part of the Belgian TV show “Scheire en de Schepping“. The fish driving car was already recorded for the Discovery Channel and an interview appeared on BBC radio, but this was the first time the car was presented to a studio audience. The show itself has some resemblance with […]