Transformation interior & exterior

In the past half year Studio diip has been going through an appearance transformation. Because we work with all kinds of images, we also love to add them into our visual style. Whether it is inside our building or on the outside. When you have a first look at our website, it is important to us that we show you what we can do with images. For us, a few iconic images have a bigger meaning because we work with them everyday. In this post we will show you how we have been integrating some visual ideas into designs. We have made changes to our hallways, meeting rooms, signing and website and we are working hard to incorporate the same designs into our offers and invoices. 

Wall paintings in the hall

Whenever someone enters our front door they will see two new beautiful big walls in style with Studio diip’s identity. The wall paintings have elements that give hints to Computer vision icons such as: cameras, video cameras, signals and the human eye. In the photo below you will see one of the wall paintings and details from the handmade wall paint that are showcased in our big hallway. 

 Handmade wall painting 

Meeting rooms 

For everyone who hasn’t seen it: underneath our office we have a massive hallway that is used for meetings and testing prototypes. To incorporate the space with our vision, we have made several interior plans to brighten up the somewhat industrial area. The two rooms showcase projects such as the famous: ‘Fish on Wheels’ or Design Awards that we won throughout the years.  The two rooms are also used for lunches and internal and external meetings. Our meeting rooms within the hallway aren’t forgotten in our design plan of course. That’s why we gave them the suitable names: ‘Hough’ and ‘Contour’. Two classical computer vision techniques that are essential in image recognition.  

Interior design of meetingroom

Interior design ‘Hough meeting room’ 

Signing interior

We think it is important to play around with signing. That’s why the meeting room doors are covered with stickers so that everyone knows not to step into the wrong meeting. We used a fish icon to show the ‘Contour’ technique that we use to detecting shapes. The fish shows the Studio diip colors. Did you know we can also detect animals? As ‘Hough’ is a line detection method it is often showcased on architectural images. We wanted to show the lines of Hough techniques on a skyline image.

Door stickers meeting room ‘Hough’ and ‘ Contour’ 

Exterior signage

We needed a sign to show people where we are. Therefor we designed a lightbox that can be turned on whenever it gets dark during winter or evening times. Our neighbour H. de Bruijn Relatiegeschenken b.v. produced the sign for us.


Light sign made by Studio diip and produced by: H. de Bruijn Relatiegeschenken b.v.

Iconic graphic design 

The graphic style of the walls will also carry through on our website and in other company communications such as invoices and offers. Some recognizable icons will be the centre of the designs. We are working hard on our website to show who we are and what we are capable of doing with image recognition. Therefore we naturally like to use images throughout our entire communication.

Iconic images for corporate design

Iconic images for our company graphic style

In the future

We are working hard to implement our creative ideas into all of our communication. Maybe you will see that our invoices and offers will change over time. We also want to make a design for our office to refresh and re-order the interior as well. Let us know what you think!