Selected for Rijkswaterstaat Challenge

Studio diip has been selected to take part in the Detection Challenge of Rijkswaterstaat (part of government responsible for infrastructure). The challenge is about detecting unsafe situations on and around bridges. Because detecting people and vehicles is one of our expertises, we have entered a proposal for a system that is able to showcase this functionality in a test environment. During the test day at May 13nd several different circumstances will be simulated that possibly lead to unsafe situations. It is then up to the participants systems to timely warn the operators of these events.

Our current detection software has already been tested on various imagery of traffic situations and for the challenge we have developed a simulation model, so we can reenact specific situations on bridges. Up until the test day we will continue developing our system so it is able to handle the specific requirements that Rijkswaterstaat needs.

The Rijkswaterstaat Detection Challenge is part of the Smart Patrol program, that aims to increase security of object observation by using vessels, smart cameras and drones. Together with their activities, knowledge institutes and commercial parties all sorts of new technologies are researched that can make their work smarter and faster.