Patent for identifying 3D objects

Studio diip has worked for 3D printing company Shapeways to develop a 3D scanner that is able to identify objects automatically. The 3D scanner and custom built software allows the system to match a 3D model to a scan of an object. This allows the system to match the object to a CAD model in a database instantly or even detect damage or flaws in the production process.

In the end these developments made it possible for Shapeways to file a US Patent! (US 2018 / 0104898 A1) We are of course proud to have worked on this system, but also to have Studio diip’s Thomas de Wolf, Guust Hilte and Jop van Rooij listed as inventors in the patent.

You can find out more about our services in 3D computer vision at the types of images page or about our 3D scanning system in the projects page.