Introducing MVX Systems

Today Studio diip launches a new product called the MVX System. This system is a computer vision platform that can be placed anywhere to make processes smarter by performing computer vision functions. You can read more about MVX at the new website


Modular software

The MVX system is a processing computer that can be connected to all sort of cameras and other peripherals. It runs software that can easily be tailored to specific situations because of its modular nature. The software contains building blocks that can be combined with a drag and drop interface to create intricate computer vision solutions. The MVX system is able to connect to a broad range of cameras, but also to various other devices providing the opportunity to control systems, monitors or communicate to online servers.



An MVX can be configured to detect the quality of fruits and switch a sorting machine accordingly. That same system can be reconfigured to count the number of people that pass by in a certain area or to detect diseases on microscopic images. The flexible nature of the MVX system makes it very suitable for short term applications. The fact that there are no additional development costs for the software also makes the pricing transparent.

Read more about MVX systems and their use on the website!