Enhancing board games with mobile computer vision

Wouldn’t it be interesting if you could combine the expansive knowledge on the internet with the traditional world of board games? Studio diip has developed software for smartphones that makes this connection possible! With our custom libraries for iOS and Android we give developers and game designers the ability to include the power of computer vision in any app. Just point the camera towards a game board and the software will automatically detect the game type, board layout and the location of relevant game pieces.

Board games and computer vision are an excellent match. The often predefined static layout of a game board makes it possible to use very effective and efficient computer vision algorithms. Next to providing strategy information apps, like the one presented in the YouTube video, apps like this can become part of a game. They can add interactive tasks and actions because the application on the smartphone can really know what is happening on the board. Imagine things like being able to even out the odds for inexperienced players or to speed up a game when you don’t have much time left!