Augmented Reality Blackjack

At Studio diip, we developed a real-time Blackjack scoring assistant that shows your current score next to your cards. By recognizing playing cards on a table with a top down camera, this system can determine the score for each player and project this around cards. A demonstration of the system can bee seen in the YouTube video.

With our already established expertise in the area of playing card recognition we were able to quickly build a system that is specifically suited for use in Blackjack. By looking for specific card shapes and using learning algorithms for the card’s index number the score is determined for each card. These are then added up and displayed next to the card by using a top down projector. In this way we “augment” the table cloth around the cards with information.

For now the system shows the resulting score for each player, but with the identity of each card known it can be extended relatively easy for other purposes. An example of this is showing the chance that a player goes bust when taking another card for teaching purposes or detecting cheating. The system is not limited to just projectors to show the score, imagine the possibilities of combining this detection with a technology like Google Glass.

Blackjack Augmented Reality