Bridge Card Reader tested in Opatija

Last week it was time for another test of the Bridge Card Reader. This time the location was Opatija, Croatia for the 12th European Champion’s Cup. At the tournament only 2 tables were tested to see how the Bridge Card Reader performed after changing the infrastructure of the different software components. As always a new location and changes in software resulted in some start up issues for the first rounds of play but after that the system was operating normally.

The next steps for improving the Bridge Card Reader are mainly in making sure that the flow of play information reaches the online databases and broadcasters in case of network problems. Additionally we are going to improve the steps that players have to take to enter their results.

The next events on the Bridge Card Reader agenda are to be present at the National Bridge Organisation conference in Berlin to detail future developments. Hopefully we will also be offering support for tournament directors at the European Team Championships in June, again in Opatija, Croatia.

Bridge Card Reader in Croatia