On demand image recognition on your video!

Today we launched our latest project “Recognize This”. You can upload your own movie, tell us what you want to recognize and we’ll do the image recognition. You can try it here for free: www.recognize-this.com

Recognize This is the next step in our Image Recognition Toolkit project (Blog post here). For a while now, we’ve been working on showing people that applying Image Recognition can be helpful in many situations. We like to challenge people to come up with their own image recognition ideas. We know it can be difficult to find a way to apply image recognition within your own organization, so we created the Inspiration Toolkit (in Dutch). The Toolkit shows four cases that make clear what the added value of image recognition is. In only a few steps, you can come up with your own project!

An idea is nice, but how to turn it into a project? At Studio diip we like to communicate our projects with a Proof of Concept: we test in a simple and fast way how the recognition could work, and we present it in a video with an added graphical layer that shows the image recognition. These movies can show instantly what the project is about and how image recognition can work for you. This is where Recognize This comes in: all you have to do is make a video of what you want to identify and upload the movie via our website. The team of Studio diip will do the Image Recognition for you for free, so you can persuade your boss or co-workers by showing how your image recognition idea will improve your department or company supported with our video!

Besides making a Proof of Concept for you, you can also use Recognize This as an Image Recognition service. Our paid service makes it possible for you to upload a movie to retrieve data from. Maybe you want to know the exact X and Y coordinates of a bouncing ball for each frame in a movie. Or you want to count the number of sheep in a field over time. Just ask us and we can do it for you!

Recognize This

Meanwhile we continue to work on the Image Recognition Toolkit: the next step is developing a real time recognition tool. We want you to be able to see the power of image recognition in a heart beat. Even though image recognition is about combining the right tools for the specific context, it is possible to already see some results by applying one tool at a time.

Possibly the next steps would be to make this process automatic. That would make it possible to upload a movie and download a movie just a few minutes later, with patterns detected or highlighted moments when something out of the ordinary happens. Keep following us, and see what our next result will be! You can find the Recognize This page here