Studio diip Image Recognition Inspiration Toolkit

“By tapping a continual stream of information from internal and external sources, businesses today have an endless array of new opportunities for: transforming decision-making; discovering new insights; optimizing the business; and innovating their industries.”

Gartner Inc. Oct 2012

Last year Gartner (an IT research company) identified ten critical technology trends for the upcoming five years; interesting is that in two of these technology trends Image Recognition can play a large role. For example to adjust your product to its users in order to provide personal experiences, or to get useful data out of your company’s production and business processes in order to improve it or the decision making about it.

Studio diip believes that image recognition products are not just a blackbox that provides a lot of data to check was has happened in a process, but it enables one to control a process in real-time. But how can you find these moments in a process which could benefit from Image Recognition? Or which products in your portfolio can use Image Recognition to enhance user experience or its market position? Studio diip has started building tools to easier to identify how a product, process or service can benefit from Image Recognition. The first deliverable is the “inspiration toolkit”: a small set of cases shows how Image Recognition can be applied. Subsequently you are encouraged to use these cases to talk about your own company.

Real time collecting and visualizing data

Since this is a first stage of our endeavor to open up the world to Image Recognition, this tool is unfortunately only available in Dutch. Click here to go to the toolkit website or download the pdf. What can Image Recognition do for your company?